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Everyone plays a role in limiting waste through the reduce, reuse and recycle model. In BC, much of the 40% organic waste sent to our landfills (Government of BC) could be reduced, reused or recycled. Furthermore, despite one's good intention to compost, some organic waste cannot be recycled and composted as efficiently and would be better used alternatively. For example, the 5 years eggshells decomposition time can be significantly shortened and better used if grounded for fertilizer or chalk. With an issue at hand, Sivan and Chris launched Shellevate in March 2021 to bridge the gap between consumers of eggs and those who could benefit from eggshells. Within the next few months, we began experimenting and researching different products of eggshells, finding great benefits to gardens and chalk making. Partnering with organizations in Vancouver and driven by passionate high school students, Shellevate aims to repurpose these shells, containing valuable minerals, by creating innovations to positively impact our future generations. In the long term, Shellevate hopes to branch away from eggshells and into other gaps between consumers and beneficiaries, such as coffee grounds, and promoting aspiring students to make their change in their local communities.

Sivan Kwok


Director of Communications, Volunteer Coordinator

Chris Yu


Director of Logistics and Operations

Jayden Lin

Director of Finance

Ethan Yang

Director of Production

Gilbert Gu

Director of Projects

Andrew Li

Director of Community Engagement

Zachary Lo

Director of Sales and Marketing

Andy Zhu

Volunteer Coordinator

Maio Hui

Media Coordinator

Mission and Values

Reinvigorating One Shell, Cracking One Potential

  • Nurturing Innovation in Future Generations

  • Limiting Environmental Impacts of Current Day Calcium Carbonate Supplements

  • Providing Opportunity for Success and Leadership within the Community

"Change is never easy, and it often creates discord, but when people come together for the good of humanity and the Earth, we can accomplish great things."

David Suzuki

If you are interested in helping us out, please reach out to us (information below). We are beyond honored by your interest and dedication to us!